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Welcome to Rainy Day Internet

Winnipeg Commercial Internet Service

We are a team of professionals committed to delivering competitive and high performance Internet to commercial and enterprise customers in Winnipeg. We deliver High Speed Internet in Winnipeg and the surrounding region.

Since going live in 1998 our network continues to be a core part of the Internet in Winnipeg, Manitoba delivering gigabit speeds from our core router to all of our access points in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. The Rainy Day core router is gigabit fiber connected to three upstream providers including Shaw, Hurricane Electric (via Les.Net), and MBIX. Today a large segment of Internet traffic is less than 1ms from our core router because of MBIX who provides access to the extremely popular Akamai caching servers.

Today Rainy Day provides symmetrical connections ranging from 5Mb/s up to 250Mb/s in Winnipeg.

Static IP Addresses

Rainy Day owns ARIN issued Public IP Addresses. All of Rainy Day's commercial plans come with a static IP address. Additional IP Addresses are available upon request.

Winnipeg Commercial Broadband

Prices are based on one year commitments. Month-to-month premium or three year discounts may be available.


Typical small office environment with large email uploads, remote IT support, remote data backup, and/or VoIP applications.

Suitable for a stand alone HD security camera system.


No extra install or upgrade fees to double the speed from 5Mb/s; additional monthly fees apply.


Install and monthly pricing vary. A site visit may be required before pricing can be confirmed.


There are a number of real business applications that require high performing connections with available speeds for large daily transfers. Ideal option for when a direct fiber build from a major carrier is cost-prohibitive.


Replaces or compliments direct fiber connections. Using tested and proven technology we are now offering 250Mb/s connections. Take advantage of high performance Gigabit Internet Access in Winnipeg. Install fees may apply depending on site location and environment.




100% Manitoban
Founded in 1998


Save paper and trees.
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