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If you subscribe to Rainy Day High Speed Internet or Hosting Services your monthly and annual invoices are automatically generated and mailed or emailed to you.

The most convenient way to pay is by pre-authorized debit directly from your bank account. Use the secure form to submit your credit card information to Rainy Day.

Please direct questions about invoices and payments to:

accounts@voyageurinternet.ca or (204) 272-5000 x201

Mailing Address

PO Box 26032
676 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 3R3

Drop off Address

Epic Information Building
167 Sherbrook Street in Winnipeg

Automated Collection Notifications

The emails you receive about your overdue invoices are completely automated. If you have received a message in error, please contact us immediately to reconcile your account. If you have sent in a payment it will take several days to process.


Periodically Rainy Day sends out statements to our customers. A statement is a list of previous invoices and payments and is not an invoice. If there is a balance showing on a statement, it means one or more of the invoices have not been paid in full.

If you are not sure about what payments you have made, please contact accounts and request a statement of your account. There is no charge for statements or account reconciliations.

Usage Overage Notifications

Automated email notifications will notify you when you reach 75 % and 100% of your monthly limit to help prevent you from going over your monthly transfer limit. If you are unsure about your monthly usage, please contact Support for assistance.



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